After School/Lunchtime Clubs

After School/Lunchtime Clubs and Activities
* All after school/lunchtime clubs and activities (except sporting fixtures) end by 4.00pm. Please see grid below for specific end times.

Staff Contact Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Arabic (Years 7-11) – O7 Mr Afzal 3pm-4pm
Drama (stanscafe) (Years 7-11) M3 Ms Pritchard 3pm-4:30pm
Graphics (Y11) Mr Jaigirdar 3pm-4pm 3pm-4:30pm
 History (Year 11) – G10  Mr Cassidy/Ms Shaheen/Mr Jones/Miss Gibson 3pm-4pm
 Art Intervention (Year 11) – M2  Miss Bickley 3pm-4:30pm
 Drama Intervention (Year 11) M3  Ms Pritchard  3pm-4:30pm
 Music (Band) (Years 7-11) – M1  Mr Williamson  3pm-4:30pm
 Spanish (Years 9,10,11) – O8  Ms Arteaga  3:15pm-4:15pm
 Music (guitar) (Years 7, 8) – Music Studio Mr O’Malley  3pm-4pm
 English Intervention (Year 11 set X4) – B9  Mr O’Malley/Miss Parker 3pm-4pm
 Maths (Year 11) – R1,2,3,11  Mrs Parmar 3pm-4pm
Child Development Intervention (Year 11) Ms Deol 3pm-4pm
Geography Intervention (Year 11) 3pm-4pm
Science Intervention (Year 11) 3pm-4pm
Computing Sessions Mr Morris 3pm-4pm 3pm-4pm 3pm-4pm
English Intervention (Year 10) Miss Parker 3pm-4pm
English Intervention (Year 10) Mr O’Malley 3pm-3:45pm